The Shelton Family

The Shelton Family

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Building of the Shelton Home

Finally...this summer we started the building of our new house.  At the end of September it was completed and we were able to move in.  We love our new area and our neighbors and are glad to be here finally.  Here are some of our pictures that we took during our building process.
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Lot before we built on it

Kyler with his Uncle Greg helping dig the hole for our house

Karissa did not anything to do with the tractor

Rob helping Greg dig the hole


Packing the dirt around the foundation

Spreading the gravel



Dry wall

Front Door


Wood Floor

Kid bedroom closets

Kid bathroom

Master Bathroom


More Exterior

Carpets and paint

Kid Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Master closet

Fireplace (gas)

Railing and stairs

Rock wall out back


Mud room bath


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takin' pictures said...

Yeah, you updated and added pics of the house. It's a beatiful house Meliss! You guys deserve it.